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Awesome camera!
I am not the least bit tech savvy and I set this up by myself in less than 5 minutes. I looked at other, more expensive cameras that my friends have in their homes. I wanted a camera to be able to che Read More
It’s a keeper!
Professional Quality Pocket Combs Promo CodeWe have attempted to run this thing 5 times since receiving it last week. It has not returned to its dock once, nor has it been able to clean more than abo Read More
Okay, but runs small
Love the feel and look of this shirt on my 4 year old. He is average height/weight for his age in the 50th percentile for both and I feel the shirt is just slightly too short, but nothing we can’ Read More
Spend your money elsewhere
Liili Products DiscountMeh, I thought that I would need this because of all the horror stories about high water pressure causing problems to your trailer. This thing however lowers the pressure so mu Read More
Love it
This game starts out pretty easy but once you get to the special levels it gets really difficult. I was disappointing by New Super Mario Bros 2 but this game redeems the franchise. After the first sta Read More
One Star
cat’s will lick the gravy, won’t touch the meat. Something must be in the meat, because they love the regular cuts of fancy feast. Tried different times, thinking it might just have been Read More
Good sturdy umbrella
This is a good sturdy umbrella, it fits very nicely into it’s carrying case, and fits even more perfectly in all my bags and purses. First use, while bragging about its windproof-ness it flippe Read More
In a word – Control!
Having come control over WiFi at the tip of my fingers makes this product worth every penny. While I would like to think I can always oversee what my kids are doing, the reality is that it isn’t Read More